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Our October Newsletter

As we come to the end of the third quarter 2023 we can all probably say it has been a trying one. We are busy but logistics and cost of goods have been challenging. Alfa Marine & Protein did have successful orders however in Alfa Laval fish oil centrifuges, Atlas Incinerators, biodiesel projects and pump packages.

In light of the challenges there were two exciting events in September.

One being Collette’s and I’s involvement in a non-profit called Salmon For Soldiers. We are board members. We take active, retired and disabled veterans fishing all year long. We have our signature event in Everett, Wa. in August where we take over 400 veterans out fishing that day with the help of 121 boat captains who donate their time and vessels. The Boats Alfoat Show in Seattle selected us as their sole beneficiary of the raffles and donations during the show. We had radio and TV spots during the event which included a visit from Blitz (Seahawks Mascot). We were fortunate to raise a significant amount of money to fund our cause. We rely solely on donations.

Look us up at salmonforsoldiers.com

The other exciting event was the christening of the new factory trawler Arctic Fjord. She is a beautiful ship and is a welcomed addition to Arctic Storm Management Group’s fleet. We worked closely with ASMG and Thoma-Sea Marine Constructors on equipment supply. She is outfitted with Alfa Laval surimi decanters, fishmeal decanters, fuel/lube oil centrifuges, Ampco Pumps and Flowserve Pumps. All our best goes out to ASMG as the Arctic Fjord goes fishing in the 4th quarter.