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100% Of Your Catch

With the proper equipment, you can utilize 100% of your catch and create high quality Fish Oil, Fish Meal, and Surimi. These by-products have become an industry of their own making sure nothing goes to waste and everything goes to market. Alfa Laval centrifuges give you the highest quality of by-products from your catch to maximize profits, ensure dependability, and keep you working. And now, systems are in place to help you use the water on the floor which has proven to be a great source of protein as well.

810 Centrifuge

Decanter Centrifuges

Decanter centrifuges have become more and more important within the fat, oil and protein recovering industry. Alfa Laval meat and fish decanter centrifuges benefit from many years of tradition and experience – we have kept on improving our horizontal centrifuges and decanter product range, enabling our customers to enhance their recovery of valuable protein fractions, fats and oils in the most efficient manner possible. (Alfa Laval site)


Alfa Laval Equipment…

  • Increases yield and reduces energy and operation costs
  • Provides excellent clarification
  • Ensures high recovery rate
  • Produces high cake dryness
  • Offers customizable solutions for your needs
  • Attains compact and robust design with wear protection

These high-performance meat and fish decanters offer high recovery rate with low energy consumption compared to other solutions. Operation is automated, minimizing manual labour input.