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Our October Newsletter

Tuesday, October 3rd
As we come to the end of the third quarter 2023 we can all probably say it has been a trying one. We are busy but logistics and cost of goods have been challenging. Alfa Marine & Protein did have successful orders however in Alfa Laval fish oil centrifuges, Atlas Incinerators, biodiesel projects and pump… [ Read More ]

Alfa Laval NX-438 Decanter and AFPX-810 High Speed Separator

Wednesday, September 8th
Check out the installation of our Alfa Laval NX-438 decanter and AFPX-810 high speed separator on a fish oil process in Alaska. These machines continue to be the backbone of our fish oil and fish meal processes. Contact us today for your particular application requirements. [ Read More ]

Stephan Mixers

Monday, February 15th
With the signing of our agreement with Proxes, Inc we at Alfa Marine & Protein now have access to the Stephan line of mixers, emulsifiers, grinders and more. Here are two machines the MC microcut machine and the MCH microcut machine with forced feed auger. Great equipment for the food industry particularly seafoods where we… [ Read More ]

Atlas Incinerators X10 TITAN

Tuesday, January 19th
Atlas Incinerators has released it’s new X10 incinerator. This model has one burner and requires no sludge oil heating. With our colleagues at Rainier Marine Alfa Marine & Protein can help you select the system and do installation design. Atlas Incinerators X10 TITAN Brochure Contact us at kevin.oakley@alfamarineprotein.com or oakley@raineir-marine.com [ Read More ]


Thursday, December 3rd
Alfa Marine & Protein has experience with Ballast Water Treatment since 2004. As a representative for Alfa Laval Pureballast we have worked with the major naval architects, shipyards and operators to ensure you meet all the current USCG and IMO regulations along with new G8 guidelines. Alfa Laval is a world leader in this UV… [ Read More ]

Ampco Pumps

Thursday, December 3rd
Alfa Marine & Protein is a distributor for Ampco Pumps. Ampco provides a wide range of pumps for sanitary, marine and industrial applications. In particular are the Z series pumps manufactured of nickel-aluminum-bronze alloy for marine and industrial applications such as seawater, brackish water and wastewater and  the ZP series of positive displacement pumps for… [ Read More ]

Pelagia Case Story

Thursday, December 3rd
Check our this case story from Pelagia. Alfa Laval worked closely with them on this state of the art fish processing facility that includes fish meal and fish oil production. Alfa Marine & Protein can provide all of these same systems to you no matter the size of your operation. We have experience all over… [ Read More ]